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Accountancy Service
From the rich expertise in the accounting aspects of various types of professionals in different nature, different industries, different sizes of companies, enterprises, foreign enterprises and institutions and the Permanent Representative of the branch accounting and tax services, we have with strict truth-seeking work style, excellent professional skills, software applications and efficient financial ability to win the trust of the majority of customers and reputation. We and the government's economic, fiscal, taxation, labor, personnel and a number of departments in charge of financial institutions to maintain regular contacts, and to keep abreast of the latest developments related policies, laws and regulations to access the latest information, to provide our customers with comprehensive, accurate and forward-looking. policy advice and practical, effective, high-quality, standardized professional services
  • The accountancy¡¯s consultation
  • A customer manages the debt
  • Surrogate charge up
  • The draws up each kind of financial report
  • The financial report analysis
  • The designs each kind of business enterprise finance, accounting system
  • In order to apply for the business enterprise of register the register, help to draft other economic documents, such as contract, agreement and stand rule...etc.

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